Meet Our New Boyfriend!

Connor Sobolik
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Connor Sobolik

May 16, 2014
9:01 a.m.

Her name is Boyfriend and she’s got more than a few buttons to push. Her style is an indie expression of upfront opinions on everything from jealousy and masturbation, to fucking old ladies and periods. Yup you heard that right, according to this bitch, absolutely nothing is too sacred for her to rap about. What I love her about though is her efforts to change the perception of females in media. Boyfriend also has a pretty massive secret, no one knows she’s a rapper! She’s an elementary school teacher by day and a bad ass rapper by  night.

On her questionable subject matter.

No cuz for me it’s about how you handle it. If you take the right forum you can veer into blasphemy but still be classy as hell. Leave no stone unturned.

On her feminist attitude

I try to avoid that word because of the negative connotations. People say feminism almost like it’s a cuss word. I’ve had arguments with people who were calling themselves feminists who believe strip clubs are degrading to women. People use that word when they don’t necessarily know what it means. I think it’s been too diluted and it’s too colloquial. The battle that’s more interesting right now is for queer rights and I want to make that a more active statement on the new album.

I think you can be popular in mainstream media and still be propagating a positive female image. Feminism is for everyone.

On us gays.

I have a lot of gay friends, and friends can sort of turn into fans! I date girls and guys so I’m linked into that world as well.

On her double life

It’s actually a great balance. The only draw back is that I live in fear that one of my students will discover Boyfriend. Moral compass by day and by night say what I want and yell it out on the internet.  I like to be mysterious.

Check out her newest track Jealousy HERE! 

Want more? Here’s her links!




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