Guypop or Guyflop? Private Eye Investigates

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Private Eye

July 7, 2013
9:55 a.m.

It seemed like such an amazing idea. A Facebook app called Guypop allows you to log in, go through all your hot friends—you know, the ones you accepted because they have abs to eat on—and click on their profile photo to show you’re romantically interested. The tagline reads “Secretly pick guys you like from Facebook and get notified if they like you back.”


As you can tell from that description, the best part of the app is that they won’t see you’ve chosen them unless they choose you back. Valentine’s Day was never this much fun! It’s like Secret Santa with the added bonus that you eventually learn who wants to stuff your stocking.

We at GuySpy first heard about this when a staffer did this for real, picking a few men he thought were hot. He’s never known if they were into him, and this seemed like the perfect way to find out. The staffer waited and waited, and finally got a message that someone chose him. Thrilled and elated, he got onto Guypop and checked for his message to see which friend wanted to be more than friends.

The server kept saying “could not deliver your message; please try again later” over and over, for days on end. This went on for about a week, and each time he went to Guypop, it still said he had a message. That was over a month ago and he’s never been able to read who picked him. If he tries the app now, it still says his message can’t be delivered.

We at Private Eye got on the case. Two of us joined and picked each other, as well as some game friends. The third one couldn’t join—every time he tried, the app crashed his phone. Our efforts started about three weeks ago, with no notice that we had messages. Last week, one of us did get a notice that someone had chosen us. He clicked on Guypop and… the message wouldn’t show up. The second Private Eye has still to receive any messages. None of our game friends have either.


Guypop was launched in February of this year, and it has almost 5,000 likes. In all that time it’s been accessing people’s information and using it to sell you ads. And God knows what else. We checked the site page today and there is no notice that they’ve had difficulties, no apologies, no warnings that the app doesn’t always work. Yet it’s still there, gathering your information, but not your lovers. And if you try to contact the site’s developers, there’s no sign of trouble-shooting or how to fix a glitch.

With this many problems, and in an NSA world, who’s to say it’s not going to start naming names? Sorry, guys, but it’s Guypoop.


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