GuySpy Sex Tips: Erogenous Zones (NSFW)

Robert Paulson
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Robert Paulson
GuySpy Editor
April 7, 2014
1:32 p.m.

Don’t you like to know how to turn on your hook-up or boyfriend when you are horny and ready? Well here is a good tip, try playing with his erogenous zones. When you kiss him on the lips, lift him off that chair and throw him onto that bed try (or on to the floor) doing all these little things to make him want you more.

The Neck:


One of the most important parts when trying to have a little foreplay with your partner. It is important to lick, fool around with the adams apple. Use your fingers and caress him slowly and a little tent will start to slowly rise from the pants.

The Chest:


Tickle him slowly down the chest, and feel his abs or tickle him down his treasure trail. He will struggle within your grasp, and he will moan as you slowly go down and reach to the best part. Licking is essential to tease him and want more of you.

The Nipples:


Flick it, and make it pop. Playing around with the nipple with your tongue or your fingers are the sure fire way to keep him lost in ecstasy of pleasure. Play with both of the Nipple for the highest amount of result and keep him there.


The Perineum:


This is the space in between the butthole and the balls of penis. Use your fingers to fiddle, and lick with your tongue for best results. Sometimes you can use your penis to prod at the section and tease your partner before sticking it in. Teasing is very important especially with erogenous zones.


The Penis:


The best part is being able to play with the tool that makes your boyfriend beg and moan. Touch him here through his jeans, pants with your fingers. Teasing him through the boxers are fine too, because he will be ready and loaded for you to sit or suck. All penises are a bit different- trying to find out what your date likes the most is all part of the fun!


I hope these tips will make your partner appreciate you more and that you will have more fun in the sack!

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