7 Hottest Male Grammy Nominees for 2014

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January 26, 2014
9:55 a.m.

The Grammy Awards are today, and these are the hottest male nominees of 2014, according to staff at GuySpy.

This is a list that’s sure to please- and we promise you some serious skin.


7) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

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This popular duo are hitting the charts heavy and hard. They are nominated for Best Album of the Year. Gay friendly, hunky and with a mighty fine street cred. We wish them luck today and can’t wait to see what they show up wearing!


6) Blake Shelton

bs The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

This sexy country star has been on our favorite list for a while now.  Nominated for Best Country Album, Blake is happily married to a gorgeous woman. We think he’d make a fine best buddy. Blake, if you read this, call us some time and we’ll go for beers!


5) Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke Catching Some Rays In Miami Robin Thicke Catching Some Rays In Miami

Robin Thicke is a sex bomb with strong Canadian roots.  Male Artist of the Year nominee and pop music bad boy, Robin seems to be ready for a good time at the drop of a hat. He is married to a lovely lady too, but we’d love to get him to one of our pool parties soon- he sports a damn fine package in these grey board shorts!


4) Hunter Hayes

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This little cutie country star (can we call him a TWUNK?) is extremely influential at just 21. We imagine that he’ll just get sexier and more popular as time passes by! Hunter is nominated for Best Country Album, and Best New Star of 2013. Still looking for a date tonight? Email us here. 🙂


3) John Legend

EXCLUSIVE: A shirtless and buff John Legend continues to heat up the end of summer during a recent jog along the Beach Path in Hawaii JL

This R&B Legend won all of our hearts a long time ago with his smooth vocals and amazing talent. John Legend is nominated for best R&B Male Vocals this year.

Never mind the vocals- look at that chest!


2) Drake

drake1 drake

This rap star has been posting his photos all over his Instagram lately- no wonder Amanda Bynes want him to “murder [her] vagina”. Drake is nominated for best Rap Album of the Year. He’s got that hip-hop edge but deep down inside we all know he’s a sweetheart that any mom would be proud to call his son’s date.


1) Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake, an icon for all gay guy’s wet dreams. His body just makes you want to fall to your knees in an instant. He’s handsome, sexy, dresses extremely well and can dance like there’s no tomorrow!

Justin is nominated for Best Pop Album of 2013, and Best Male Vocals.

Who’s your favorite nominee GuySpy’ers?


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